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Kate Kingston, founder & President of the Kingston Training Group, is a motivational sales trainer specializing in making more qualified meetings with C-Level executives. With over 18 years of success in making appointments with decision makers, Kate is a sales-driven, energized communicator and a recognized authority on lead generation, new business development. She uses humor, audience participation, proven techniques, practical guides and role-play drills as well as live calls in her training sessions. 

At the onset of her career, Kate was a young actress who came to New York City with her master’s degree in Theatre to make her mark on the entertainment industry. While working as a receptionist to pay the bills until her “big break” came, Kate became bored with just answering the phones and asked for more work. She was given a list of phone numbers to call with one instruction: set up appointments with decision-makers for the company’s sales reps and so she began dialing. After hearing “no” a few too many times (and not liking it), Kate started changing her strategy, tracking her results and tweaking her approach.

Within a few months, she was having such success that management was telling the sales reps to “sit with Kate and do whatever she’s doing to make appointments. Soon Kate had so successfully developed her appointment setting skills that she had attracted the attention of prominent Fortune 500 companies in New York City and was having great success as a free-lance cold-calling consultant. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she could teach her appointment-setting method to anyone willing to listen and learn, and so The Kingston Training Group was born.

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The Kingston Training Group guarantees results. Each workshop and one on one session is designed to deliver practical, time-tested, live sales call training, where participants begin making meetings during the one-on-one sessions and beyond.

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