Training with KTG

KTG is committed to partnering with your firm to increase net new revenue and market share and guarantees a minimum of a 50% increase in net new C-Level meetings across your entire salesforce. Understanding that the best training dissipates after 90 days, KTG has devised a 6-month program that is flexible to coincide with each dealership’s specific needs.


The 4-Month (12-month retainer program also available) KTG program delivers:

  • KTG Deeper Dives into Verticals (60 to choose from) – selected by your dealership. These trainings cover the compliance, profitability, operational, and proprietary goals for each industry and what to sell them from your dealership suite of solutions to accomplish these goals.
  • Weekly trainings with sales reps and managers = over 25+ hours of live on-site and virtual live training for sales executives.
  • 15+ hours of vertical interviews.
  • 7+ hours live virtual manager training. Managers are also asked to attend select sales executive trainings.

Additional one on one time will be scheduled with reps who need extra support. New Hires receive: 

  • 13+ hours of live virtual initial training and enrollment in all additional scheduled dealership trainings.
  • 6 hours - KTG will be available for phone interviews with potential new hires to ascertain their current prospecting skill bases and potential prospecting success. KTG has worked with many other dealers to reduce attrition of new hires which correlates to less wasted New Hire investment dollars. KTG trains your new hires, up to 10% of current sales rep count at the commencement of the contract, for no additional charge.

The program kicks off with a Live KTG onsite visit.  

Our Make More Meetings, Make More Money, comprehensive workshop and prospecting materials are delivered live onsite.  Working as your prospecting management team, KTG handles all aspects of the program from scheduling interactions with sales teams and managers, (including a recommendation for extra one-on-one time spent with reps or managers- who have additional needs), to weekly statistical measurement of each sales executives prospecting success.

KTG’s proprietary library is built for your dealership to include:

  • KTG Workbook
  • KTG Vertical Marketing Guide - 60+ industries 
  • 35+ Vertical Interview recordings 
  • 25+ Vertical Industry Discovery questions 
  • National Association list
  • Manager exercises
  • Digital MP3 recordings of training sessions.
  • 60+ Vertical industry telephone scripts (EX: Law, Medical, Construction)
  • 500+ email templates (EX: Law, Medical, Construction)
  • KTG continually adds and updates training materials which will be sent to the team during the duration of your contract.
  • Statewide Hoover Spotlight Reports

After the initial workshop, the sales team will enter into 16 weeks of weekly trainings, so that KTG can deliver our prospecting program.

Sales executives will be trained how to:

  • Identify C-Level prospects.
  • Research prospects.
  • Prospect at the C-Level.
  • Use vertical knowledge.
  • Utilize time management strategies
  • Using LinkedIn – KTG will also fix all reps and managers profiles to be customer-centric
  • A step by step process of building a successful customer-based LinkedIn profile.
  • How to use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool
  • Build vertically based emails and talk tracks.
  • Apply vertical knowledge to first net new meeting discovery.
  • How to apply prospecting actions steps.
  • Learn how to get past the receptionist.
  • How to foot canvass successfully.
  • Smart prospecting – Identifying individual prospecting sustainable successes by venue: foot, phone, LinkedIn, email, & voicemail.
  • How to identify and apply dealership unique differentiators.
  • Handling objections.
  • Optimal scheduling
  • Implement accountability tools.
  • How to follow up on funnel prospects.
  • Increasing attendance and selling opportunities for dealership events.
  • Creating impactful elevator pitch.
  • How to monetize prospecting touches.

Program Breakdown

The 1st KTG live on-site workshop is followed by:

  • Sixteen weekly 60-minute training sessions, placing real calls to live prospects, per group of 10 or less reps. 
  • Twelve weekly 15-minute Manager Training Calls to put any plans into action and discuss & find a solution to any issues that may be occurring within the team’s sales prospecting for nine weeks.
  • Monthly Manager Training Calls continue after the initial 9 weekly training sessions for the duration of the contract.
  • The introduction to KTG’s Bonus Account Program which will enable each of your sales executives to identify, strategize, and land meetings within the top 5 opportunities in their territories.  This laser focus will not only drive more Net New profitable deals but also dramatically increase the size and net profit of these deals.  This portion of the program will include:
    • Identifying the top five accounts in each rep’s territory.
    • Identifying the buying committee for these accounts.
    • Fiscal year
    • How the buying cycles work within each organization.
    • The creation of a personalized strategy for each rep’s top 5 accounts including customized technology tips for monthly follow up.
    • Creation of prospecting cycle with follow up and the appropriate disengagement.
    • Research on each account.
    • Penetration through several c-Level points.
    • Funnel activity accountability.
    • Training on how to apply content in preparation for first meetings.
    • Three consecutive weeks of 60-minute training sessions, per group of 8 or less reps with eight additional staggered weeks of follow-up.
    • At this time, any New hires will be enrolled into the KTG New Hire Training program.  This training will include all materials and recordings.